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all the world's a stage

modern times


Archie Kennedy was a promising young naval officer, from a long line of navy men. And then his messmates fucked him over and he jumped ship. Literally.

Hiding from his family's shame in London, Archie falls into the escort business to pay his crippling debts from the service. As Callum, he is wined and dined by rich and powerful men but it's only when he finds James Baxter that he starts to appreciate his line of work. But it turns out that falling in love is bad for business.

streets of london
{sparkle cops}

After his dishonourable exit from the Navy, Archie falls on hard times. Working out of a massage parlour in the worst part of town, Archie provides special services to half the Metropolitan Police. The friends he has are the ones he's screwed and enjoyed.

Hoping to become a better class of whore, Archie ends up as the personal hooker to Leon, drug baron. Thankfully, he has Ryan to keep him sane and tend his bruises. But his new bodyguard isn't quite what he appears.

age of sail

don't ask, don't tell
{canon AU}

Lieutenant Archie Kennedy, unrepentant flirt and a little prone to panic, is sentenced to hang from the neck until dead in Kingston, Jamaica for the crime of mutiny. However, before he reaches the gallows, he dies of a festering gunshot wound by the side of his dear friend Horatio Hornblower.

But a Scottish business named Alastair Munroe appears on the doorstep of one Viscount James Baxter, a veritable ghost, throwing himself on the mercy of his old friend as he starts a new and secret life for himself.

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